MSSD 2016
4-5 November

The 14th time!
New this year is the remastered The River and the new songs on the Ties That Bind box and also the new songs on Chapter and Verse.
The first MSSD ever to break the 24 hour barrier!!! :-)


Vem vinner i Texas Holdem?




Activities during the days

Time table


14:28 MSSD officially opens with the National Anthem and flag ceremony
14:30 MSSD starts with the new songs on "Chapter and Verse"
14:48 Blinded by the Light, and the album "The album Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J"
16:00 The album The Wild, the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle starts
16:05 BB4 lands at Bromma airport
16:55 The album Born to Run starts
17:00 Pick up BB4 at Huddinge train station
17:52 The album Darkness on the Edge of Town starts
18:35 The Promise CDs
20:43 The songs from the 80's starts, with Take 'Em As They Come
21:35 The album The River starts
22:59 *Pause* after The River album.
      (119 songs played the first day)


08:00 Rise and burp!
      Make breakfast and bake the cake for the afternoon.
09:00 MSSD continues with "Trapped" and american breakfast. What a combination!!!
09:34 The album Nebraska starts
10:00 Play Yatzy?
10:30 Quizs?
11:14 The album Born in the USA starts
11:30 Group photo time!
12:17 The album Tunnel of Love starts
12:00 Start making lunch (and upload photos)
13:00 Lunch
13:11 The songs from the 90's starts, with Sad Eyes
13:54 The album Human Touch starts
14:00 The "MSSD walk" with synchronized mp3 players
14:52 The album Lucky Town starts
15:30 Between meals
16:00 Drink time!
16:02 The album The Ghost of Tom Joad starts
17:05 The songs from the 00's starts, with Code Of Silence
17:09 The album The Rising starts
18:27 The album Devils and Dust starts
19:00 Start making dinner (and upload photos)
19:18 The album We Shall Overcome - The Seeger Sessions (American Land Edition) starts
20:00 Dinner
20:31 The album Magic starts
21:19 The Album Working on a Dream starts
22:14 The Album Wrecking Ball starts
      The songs from the 10's starts, with We Take Care of Our Own
23:16 The Album High Hopes starts
00:12 The Album American Beauty starts
00:27 Blood Brothers Alternate Rock Take ends MSSD
00:31 MSSD is over after two days, 344 songs and 24(!) hours and 57 seconds of music


10:25 BB4 leaves the MSSD mansion
12:50 BB4 departs Bromma airport


Lunch               - McD
Opening drink       - Brooklyn Local 1
Cake to the coffee  - Dunkin donuts
Dinner              - Burrito
Dessert?            - Ice cream

Breakfast           - American Blueberry Pancakes and American Pancakes (without blueberries) with Maple Syrup, coffee and orange juice
Lunch               - Club&Elvis-sandwich
Cake to the coffee  - Dunkin donuts
Dinner              - The classic MSSD burger
New drink this year - Samuel Adams Summer Ale Sangria!  

Breakfast           - American Blueberry Pancakes
Lunch               - Pre-made pizza